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Regional imbalance UPSC

The regional imbalance is the result of the unequal development of the region. Unequal development means economic and social disparity:
  • Education infrastructure facilities are not developed the same in all regions, for example, in India, Kerala vs Bihar state education infrastructure.
  • Infrastructural development is not the same in all regions.
  • Economic opportunities are not developed the same in all regions, for example, South India provides more economic opportunities than North India.
  • Social disparities
  • Political disparities
  • HDI disparities

Above all are the indicators of regional imbalance. The following are examples of regional economic imbalances in India. Examples, 
  • BIMARU region in India vs rest of India. some states like Kerala, Gujarat, and Punjab are developed More as compared to Bihar, Orissa, and Uttar Pradesh.
  • North-South divide in India. The Northeast region of India is lacking basic infrastructures.
  • North-South divide of the world. The northern countries such as the USA, UK, France, etc are more developed as compared to southern countries such as India, Brazil, South Africa, etc.

Why regionals imbalance?

The regional factor exists because of two factors:

  • Natural Factors
  • Human Factors
Natural factors
  • Natural resources disparities;
  • The disparity in soil fertility
  • Altitude differences, 
  • Unequal the topography of the region,
  • Harsh climate
  • Flood-prone areas, Earthquake-prone areas, and landslide-prone areas are the least developed.
Human factors:
  • Political instabilities
  • Investment in a specific location
  • Brain drain
  • Lack of basic infrastructures
  • Lacking quality population
  • Unequal capital formation.

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