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Parts of the Indian Constitution

Originally: 8 Schedule, 22 Parts, and 395 Articles
As of now in 2021: 12 Schedules, 25 parts( in numbers), 448 articles, and 105 Constitutional amendment

The following is the list of Parts of the Indian Constitution:

Part-1: The Union and Its Territory
Part-2: The Citizenship
Part-3: Fundamental Rights
Part-4: Directive Principle of State Policy(DPSP)
Part-4A: Fundamental Duties
Part-5: The Union Government
Part-6: The State Government
Part-7: Now repealed==Part B states
Part-8: The Union Territories
Part-9: Panchayat
Part-9A: Municipalities
Part-9B: Co-operative Society
Part-10: Schedule Tribal area
Part-11: Union and State Relation
Part-12: Finance, property, contract
Part-13: Trade and Commerce within India
Part-14: Services Under Union & states
Part-14 A: Tribunals
Part-15: Election
Part-16: Special Provision to a certain class
Part-17: Languages
Part-18: Emergency Provisions
Part-19: Miscellaneous
Part-20: Amending the constitution
Part-21: Temporary & transition & special provision
Part-22: Short title, date commencer

The following questions were asked in UPSC and state PCS:

1. In which Part of the Constitution of India do we find the provisions relating to citizenship?   ( UP PCS 2018)   
    (a) Part I     
    (b) Part II
    (c) Part VII     
    (d) Part IX

Answer. b

2. Which among the following (Provision-Part of the Constitution) is not correctly matched? (UPPSC-2023)
a) Official Language-Part XVII
b) The Union Territories-Part VIII
c) The scheduled and Tribal Areas X
d) Tribunals-Part XI

Answer. d) Tribunals-Part XI;
Tribunal is XIV-A


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