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Airway UPSC| Transport, Communication, and Trade | Geography of India

Table of Contents:

  • Features of Airway
  • Evolution of Airway in India
  • Present Status

Apart from land and water transport, the most latest means of transport is Airway, the following are features of Airway: 

  • Air Travel is the fastest and most comfortable mode of transport.
  • It can cover very high mountains, deserts, dense forests, and long oceanic stretches.
  • No Hurdle of being big river, relief, desert, and floods
Evolution of Airway in India:
  • Airway started in British India; 
  • In 1911, the beginning of Air transport about 10 km between Allahabad to Naini.
  • Real Development happens after Independence.
  • In 1947, Air transport was provided by four companies;
    • Indian National Airway
    • Tata Sons Limited
    • Air Services of India
    • Deccan Airways
  • In 1951, four more companies joined:
    • Bharat Airways
    • Himalayan Aviation Limited
    • Airways India
    • Kalinga Airlines
  • In 1953, Air transport was nationalized; two companies formed Air India International and Indian Airlines.
  • It is mainly Air India that provides both domestic and International Air services.
  • Pawan Hans helicopter Ltd provides helicopter services to the oil and Natural Gas Corporation for inaccessible areas and difficult terrains like the North Eastern States and the Himalayan States such as Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand
  • After LPG, many private Airlines also entered the Market.

Present status:

  • Air Authority of India( AAI) responsible for providing safe, efficient, air traffic, and communication services in Indian air space. It manages 125 airports.
  • Air Transport is managed by Air India.
  • Both Passenger and Cargo services provided both domestics and international fields.
  • Private companies also providing the services
  • Air Travel is not common to reach to common people due to high cost except northeastern state's people due to special provision

 For a detailed explanation, watch the below video:

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