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Regional consciousness UPSC |Regionalism UPSC| Political Aspects | Geography of India

Regional Consciousness means awareness about their own identity attached to particular areas( Son of soil ideology). Regional Consciousness is the driving force of regionalism. 

Regionalism means the sense of identity within a geographical region. Regionalism is generally taken in a negative sense in India but it has both positive and negative senses.

Postive of regionalism:

  • People ensure the development of their own region.

Negative of regionalism:

  • It spread hatred to other regions' people and harm the national integrity and unity of the country.

The following are factors about regionalism:

  • Language identity: Most Indian states are created on a linguistic basis. Tamil vs the Hindi language.
  • Religious Identity: Jammu and Kashmir.
  • Culture and ethnic identity: Demand of Gorkhaland, North Eastern states divided based on culture and ethnic diversity.
  • Backwardness; resources sharing: Treatment of Bihari in Mumbai.

Impact of regionalism:

  • Creation of regional Parties.
  • Increase in the interstate issues
  • Hurdle in national integrity
  • Hurdle in International diplomacy

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