UPPSC PCS Prelims Test-2021| Test-6

 1. As per the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development and with reference to NDC-National Determine Contribution, India pledged to reduce the carbon emission of 2005 base level; the percentage of NDC target is:

a) 33-35 %

b) 30-33%

c) 15-20 %

d) 20-30 %

2.  "Bhasan Char island", recently in the news belong to which sea;

a) Mediterranean sea

b) Japan Sea

c) Philippines sea

d) the Bay of Bengal

3. India's target to mix ethanol with petrol by 2022 is:

a) 10 %

b) 20 %

c) 25 %

d) 26 %

4. As per Statistical Magazine 2019; Which one is the largest sources of irrigation in Uttar Pradesh

a) Tube well

b) Canal

c) Wells

d) Lakes

5. There are 8 core industries namely Refinery products, electricity, steel, coal, crude oil, natural gas, cement, and fertilizer. These 8 core industries companies 40.27 % in IIP( Index of Industrial Production). Which one has the highest weightage among the eight sectors;

a) Refinery products

b) Electricity

c) Steel

d) Coal

6. Which one of the following scholars coined the term ‘Geography’?

(a) Herodotus 

(b) Erathosthenese 

(c) Galileo

(d) Aristotle

7. Which one of the following features can be termed as ‘physical feature’?

(a) Port 

(b) Road 

(c) Plain

(d) Water park

8. Make correct pairs from the following two columns and mark the correct option.

1. Meteorology         A. Population Geography

2. Demography         B. Soil Geography

3. Sociology             C. Climatology

4. Pedology             D. Social Geography

(a) 1B,2C,3A,4D 

(b) 1A,2D,3B,4C 

(c) 1D,2B,3C,4A

(d) 1C,2A,3D,4B

9. Which one of the following disciplines attempts temporal synthesis?

(a) Sociology 

(b) Geography

(c) Anthropology

(d) History

10. " Geography studies the differences of phenomena usually related in different parts of the earth’s surface." It is the statement of 

a) Hettner

b) Richard Hartshorne

c) Weber

d) Coppen

For an answer and detailed explanation, watch the below video:

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