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2013 UPPSC Pre Solved question Papers | Static Questions Only

2013 UPPSC Prelims Solved question Papers

1.  Sound what above level ( in decibels) is considered hazardous noise pollution?

a) 30 dB

b) 40 dB

c) 60 dB

d) 80 dB

Answer. d

  • Noise above 75 dB is considered noise pollution by WHO  and 80db is more is annoying.

2. What types of electromagnetic radiation are used in the remote control of a television?

a) Infrared

b) Ultraviolet

c) Visible

d) None of the above

Answer. a;

  • Low energy efficiency and no harm to humans,

3. The radiation that is absorbed by Ozone present in the atmosphere is:

a) Infrared

b) Visible

c) Ultraviolet

d) Microwave


  • Ultraviolet is absorbed by ozone 

4. Which of the following gases is used for the purification of drinking water?

a) Sulphur dioxide

b) Chlorine

c) Fluorine

d) Carbon dioxide

Answer. b;

  • Chlorine is used to purify the water that kills germs present in the water.

5. The group of stars arranged in a definite pattern is called:

a) Milky way

b) Constellation

c) Andromeda

d) Solar system

Answer. B;

  • Great Hunter, Leo the lion, Taurus the Bull are important Constellations.

5. एक निश्चित पैटर्न में व्यवस्थित तारों के समूह को कहा जाता है:

ए) मिल्की वे

बी) नक्षत्र

सी) एंड्रोमेडा

डी) सौर प्रणाली

Answer. b;

6. Refrigeration helps in food preservation by :

a) Killing of Germs( bacteria).

b) Reducing the rate of biochemical reaction

c) Destroying the enzyme action

d) Sealing food ith layer of ice 

6. प्रशीतन खाद्य संरक्षण में मदद करता है:

a) कीटाणुओं (बैक्टीरिया) को मारना।

बी) जैव रासायनिक प्रतिक्रिया की दर को कम करना

c) एंजाइम क्रिया को नष्ट करना

d) बर्फ की परत के साथ भोजन को सील करना

Answer. b;

  • A biochemical reaction is taking place at an optimum temperature only. 

7. Match List-I with List-II and select the correct answer using the codes given below the lists.

        List-I                                        List-II

 (Biosphere Reserve)                   (Location)

A. Nokrek                                 1. Kerala

B. Manas                                   2. Assam

C. Dehang Debang                   3. Meghalaya

D. Agasthyamalai                      4. Arunachal Pradesh


          A    B    C    D

a)        2    3    1    4

b)       3    2    4    1

c)       4    1    3    2

d)       1    4    2    3

Answer: b;

  • Agasthmalai is the southernmost and Dehang Debang is the easternmost biosphere reserve of India.

8. Which of the following is an important strategy for the conservation of biodiversity?

a) Biosphere Reserve

b) Botanical Gardens

c) National Parks

d) Wildlife Sanctuaries

Answer. a;

  • The biosphere reserve is the most comprehensive method for the conservation of flora, fauna, and the local population. It has three parts Core, buffer, and Transition zones.

9. Which of the following group of gases contributes to the "Green House Effect"?

a) Ammonia and Ozone

b) Carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxide

c) Carbon tetrafluoride and Nitrous oxide

d) Carbon dioxide and Methane

Answer. d;

10. Which of the following is the most stable ecosystem?

a) Desert

b) Mountain

c) Ocean

d) Forest

Answer. c. Ocean

11. Endangered species are listed in

a) Dead Stock Book

b) Red Data Book

c) Live Stock Book

d) None of the above

Answer. b;

  • IUCN-International Union for Conservation of Nature
  • Founded in 1948.

12. Which one of the following diseases is not transmitted by tiger mosquitoes?

a) Yellow fever

b) Dengue

c) Chikungunya

d) Japanese Encephalitis

Answer : d;

13. Climate change is caused by 

a) Green House gases

b) Depletion of ozone layers

c) Pollution

d) All

Answer. d. All.

14. Which one of the following substances does not contribute to global warming?

a) Oxides of Sulphur and Nitrogen

b) Methane

c) Carbon Dioxide

d) Water Vapour

Answer. a. Oxides of Sulphur and Nitrogen are global cooling gases.

15. Which of the following is the correct definition of "Agenda 21"?

a) It is an action plan of the U.N.O for protecting human rights.

b) It is a book of 21 chapters on nuclear disarmament.

c) It is an action for the conservation of the global environment in the 21st century.

d) It is an agenda for the election of the president in the next meeting of SAARC.

Answer. c;

Agenda 21 is the non-binding action plan of the United Nations in 1992 for sustainable development.

Earth summit.

16. Which one of the following air pollutants can affect the bloodstream leading to death.

a) Asbestos dust

b) Cadmium 

c) Lead

d) Carbon Monoxide

Answer. d

  • Hemoglobin oxygen-carrying capacity decreases, resulting in death.

17. Which one of the following is a bio-indicator of air pollution?

a) Fern

b) Lichen

c) Money Plant

d) Dodder

Answer. b. Lichen;

  •  Lichen is sensitive to sulfur dioxide. Lichen takes most of the nutrients from the air instead of from the soil, the accumulation of different pollutants in the lichen indicates the level of pollution in the air.

18. Acid rain is due to air pollution by

a) Carbon dioxide

b) Carbon monoxide

c) Methane

d) Nitrous oxide and Sulfur dioxide

Answer. d.

19. The disease caused by a deficiency of protein in children is:

a) Marasmus

b) Pellagra

c) Beri Beri

d) Rickets

19. बच्चों में प्रोटीन की कमी से होने वाला रोग है :

क) मरास्मुस

बी) पेलाग्रा

c) बेरी बेरी

घ) रिकेट्स

Answer: a. 

  • Kwashiorkor and marasmus are the two types of protein deficiency diseases
  • Pellagra: niacin( one type of vitamin B )
  • beriberi: vitamin B1
  • rickets: vitamin D

20. Photosynthesis using an invisible part of the sunlight is done by some.

a) Trees

b) Algae

c) Bacteria

d) Fungi

Answer. c. Bacteria can utilize the invisible part of lights that is the infrared part.

21. " Sita "in Mauryan age means:

a) a Goddess

b) a religious sect

c) revenue from crown land

d) Barren land

Answer. c;

  • Crown land revenue: Sita
  • land revenue from cultivator: Bhaga
  • Hiranya: Paid in cash

22. What was "Dar-ul-Shafa" established by Feroz Tughlaq?

a) An Arm house

b) A free hospital

c) A Library

d) A Guesthouse of pilgrims

Answer. B:

  • A free hospital.
  • Feroz Tughlaw also built the biggest network of canals in India.
  • During Iltumis Changes Khan raided India
  • Muhammad Tughlaq shifted the capital from Delhi to Daulatabad.

23. Who was the medieval king responsible for introducing the silver coin called "tanka" in North India.

a) Iltutmish

b) Razia

c) Alauddin Khalji

d) Mohammad Tughlaq

Answer. a; Iltutmis;

  • Iltumish introduced two types of coins: Silver(Tanka), Jital(copper coin).

 24. The earliest occurrence of the mantra famous as the Gayatri mantra is found in the following text:

a) Bhagwad Gita

b) Atharva Veda

c) Rig Veda

d) Manusmriti

Answer. c;

  • It was written around 2500 to 3500 years ago.

25. The "Dakshinamurti" idol of shiva depicts him in which form?

a) Teacher

b) Dancing

c) Reclining 

d) Meditating

Answer. a;

26. Who among the following was the envoy of the British King James I at Jahangir's court?

a) William Hawkins

b) William Finch

c) Pietra Della Vella

d) Edward Terry

Answer: a; 1609

27. With which of the following movements is Aruna Asaf Ali associated?

a) Non-cooperation movement

b) Civil Disobedience movement

c) Individual Satyagrah

d) Quit India Movement.

Answer. d; she was part of the Quit India Movement and she hoists the Indian Independence flag at Gowalia Tank Maidan in Bombay.

28. Who translated Ramayana into Persian in accordance with the wishes of Akbar?

a) Abul Fazl

b) Abdul Qadir Badauni

c) Faizi

d) Abdur Rahim Khan i khana

Answer. B;

  • Abdul Qadir Badauni translated Ramayan and Mahabharta into the Persian language.
  • Abul Fazl: Akbarnama

29. Of the following who had rebelled against the Mughal Emperor Jahangir ?

1.  Asaf Khan

2. Khurram

3. Mahabat Khan

4. Khusrau

a) 1 and 2 only

b) 2 and 3 only

c) 2 and 4 only

d) 2,3,and 4 only

Answer. d;

30. Mountbatten plan becomes the basis for;

a) Continuity of British rule

b) Transfer of power

c) Partition of the country

d) Solution of communal problems

Answer. c; June 1947.

31. By whom the "Quit India" resolution was moved in the Bombay session of the congress in the year 1942.

a) Jawahar Lal Nehru

b) Narendra Deo

c) Rajendra Prasad

d) J.B. Kripalani

Answer. a;

32. Lahore Session of Muslim League ( 1940) was presided over by :

a) Liaqat Ali khan

b) Chaudhary Khaliquzzaman

c) Mohammad Ali Zinnah

d) Fatima Jinnah

Answer. c;

  • Demand Separate state for Muslims.

33. "Tinkathia System" in Champaran meant:

a) Cultivation of Indico on the 3/20 area of land.

b) Cultivation of Indico on the 3/19 area of land

c) Cultivation of Indico on the 3/18 area of land.

d) None

Answer. a;

 34. In which of the following session of Indian National Congress. Mahatma Gandhi said," Gandhi may die but Gandhism will remain forever"

a) Calcutta Session, 1928

b) Lahore Session, 1929

c) Madras Session, 1927

d) Karachi Session, 1931

Answer. d;

  • Karachi session by Vallabh Bhai Patel.

35. Who Said? " Tilak is the father of Indian unrest.?"

a) V. Chirol

b) Louis Fischer

c) Web Miller

d) Lord Reading

Answer. a; Valentine Chirol

36. Who of the following had pleaded from the side of Indian National Army officers in their Red Fort trail?

a) C.R. Das

b) Motilal Nehru

c) M.A. Jinnah

d) Sir T.B. Saparu

Answer. d

37. Under which one of the following articles of the Indian constitution, provision of creation or abolition of legislative councils in the state are made?

a) Article 168

b) Article 169

c) Article 170

d) Article 171

Answer. b;

At present, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka,

38. Provision for appointment of National commission for SC's and ST's has been made in the constitution under article.

a) 338 and 338A

b) 337

c) 334

d) 339

Answer. a;

39. The total number of members of the legislative council of Uttar Pradesh is:

a) 105

b) 106

c) 107

d) 100

Answer. d;

90+10 nominated.

40. The total number of members of the legislative assembly of Uttar Pradesh is:

a) 403

b) 406

c) 407

d) 500

Answer. a;

41. Provision for representation of the Anglo-Indian community in the Lok Sabha has been made in the constitution under the article.

a) 331

b) 221

c) 121

d) 139

Answer. a; 331

42. The National Institute of Mentally Handicapped is situated at:

a) Hyderabad

b) New Delhi

c) Kolkata

d) Chennai

Answer. A;

43. Which of the following river does not originate in India?

a) Satluj

b) Ravi

c) Chenab

d) Beas

Answer. A

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