Give two reasons for the declining child sex ratio in India.


Give two reasons for the declining child sex ratio in India. ( NCERT class 12 geography)


 The number of females per 1000 males in India is called the sex ratio. As far as the child ratio is concerned, it is the number of girl children per 1000 male children in the age group of 0-6 years.

The child sex ratio figures as per the 2011 census are very disturbing. The child sex ratio has declined in all states except Kerala. The most dangerous situation is in developed states like Punjab and Haryana, it is less than 850 girls per 1000 male children.

Following are the two major reasons for the decline in child sex ratio in India:

  • Negative social attitudes towards the girl child are a factor in the decline in the child sex ratio. In most of the Indian society, the girl child is considered a burden as their marriage requires a heavy dowry. And Indian society considers girl children property of others and does not like to raise them.
  • Another reason for the decline in the child sex ratio in India is the scientific method of sex determination by which people select only male children. Although sex determination is illegal in India, still, illegal sex determination is common in states like Punjab, Haryana, and Bihar.

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