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Have you read about the Kalinganagar controversy? Collect information from different sources and discuss.


Have you read about the Kalinganagar controversy? Collect information from different sources and discuss.

( Chapter - 6 Manufacturing Industries, Cass X NCERT Contemporary India -II )


The Kalinganagar dispute pertains to tribal protests against the commissioning of the Tata Steel plant in Kalinganagar, Odisha.

The tribals had been protesting for nine years against the acquisition of land for the Tata Steel plant that was to be built in Kalinganagar. And on 2 January 2006, 14 tribals were killed in police firing.

The main reasons for tribal protest were the following:

The tribals, who had lost their land and houses, demanded jobs in the plant.

There was a negative perception regarding the steel plants that they would pollute the water bodies and land and make the life of the tribals miserable.

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