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Name any three physical factors for the location of the industry.


 Name any three physical factors for the location of the industry.

( Chapter - 6 Manufacturing Industries, Cass X NCERT Contemporary India -II )


Finding the optimum location of the industry is very complex in nature. Often, industries are preferred in places where there is a minimum cost of production and maximum profit. There are various physical and human-induced factors that affect the location of industries.

Any environmental factor that is not affected by a living being (mainly human) is known as a physical factor.

Following are the names of the three physical factors for the location of the industry:

  • Proximity and availability of raw materials
  • availability of water sources
  • cost of land and its topography

The availability and proximity of raw materials is the most influential factor for the location of an industry. Most of the heavy and large-scale industries like iron and steel industries and cement industries are located near the source of raw materials.

Industries require huge amounts of water for processing raw materials and cooling machinery. Hence industries preferred to be located near water bodies like lakes and rivers.

The land is the third important physical factor for the availability of industry. The land is one of the costliest resources nowadays and it is one of the most decisive factors for the availability of industry. Preference is given to setting up industries at such places where there is flat land and the cost of land is minimum.

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