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What is manufacturing?


What is manufacturing?

( Chapter - 6 Manufacturing Industries, Cass X NCERT Contemporary India -II )


Manufacturing literally means "to make by hand" but now manufacturing means mass production of goods by machine.

Manufacturing is the process of processing large quantities of final goods after the processing of raw materials with the help of machines. Manufacturing increases the usability of goods and also increases the values after the processing of raw materials.

The following are examples of manufacturing processes-

  • Paper is manufactured by machine using wood.
  • Sugar is manufactured by machine using sugarcane as a raw material.
  • Steel and iron are manufactured by processing iron ore.
  • Aluminum is manufactured using bauxite.
  • Fabric is manufactured using cotton fibers.

Here,  paper is more valuable than wood. 

Steel has more usability than iron ore as iron ore itself has no use other than manufacturing iron. However, steel can be used for making machines, agricultural tools, and infrastructure development. 

The manufacturing sector is one of the three sectors of the economy—the other two being the primary and service sectors.

Manufacturing activities are secondary activities and form the backbone of the industrial development of any country.

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