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Differentiate between Tolerance and Compassion. | UPPSC General Studies 4 Mains ETHICS Solutions 2020


Differentiate between Tolerance and Compassion. (UPPSC 2020)


Tolerance and compassion are two distinct values that differ in definition, implication, and application. The following are the differences between Tolerance and compassion-

Tolerance values refer to the ability to work with people with different belief systems and it also refers to respecting other people with different backgrounds while compassion refers to the ability to empathize with others and to act in a way that helps alleviate their pain.

Tolerance in civil servants helps them to deal with a wide range of individuals and groups, some of whom may be hostile or difficult to work while Compassion in civil servants help them to address the needs of marginalized and vulnerable society.

Tolerance requires a certain degree of detachment from own values and neutrality,  in order to carry out their duties impartially and without bias while compassion requires a certain degree of emotional attachment and willingness to go help those in need.

Tolerance is a cognitive quality that enables civil servants to accept the difference of belief and ethics with other people and cooperate with them while Compassion is an emotional quality that enables civil servants to connect with the suffering of others and to take action to alleviate it.


In conclusion, Tolerance and Compassion are two important values that differ in aspects and applications, however, both are necessary for effective governance and public service.

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