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Explain the importance of persuasive communication in attitudinal change. | UPPSC General Studies 4 Mains ETHICS Solutions 2020


Explain the importance of persuasive communication in attitudinal change. (UPPSC 2020)


Attitudes are individuals feeling toward an object, person, or idea, they may be positive or negative attitudes. Attitudinal changes involve altering an individual’s attitude toward a particular topic, issue, or object.

Persuasive communication is used to change others' attitudes, beliefs, or behaviors. It plays important role in attitudinal change. Here are some reasons, which explain the importance of persuasive communication in attitudinal change-

Influence behaviors; A person can influence others to change their behavior by persuasion. For example, dietician influences other to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Encourage critical thinking; Persuasive communication may provide evidence for the arguments. This can help others to critically thinking and also help in decisions making based on evidence rather than emotions.

Promote social change- The persuasion method that promotes diversity, intolerance, and compassion help to change the societal attitude towards the weaker section.

Increase engagements; Persuasion communication can convince people that create a sense of urgency and importance of an issue, which increases engagement.

Credibility; Persuasion communication can enhance credibility by presenting the evidence in support.

Increase trust and confidence; Persuasion communication may increase the trust and confidence of others by presenting reliable data and facts.

In conclusion, persuasive communication is essential in attitudinal change because it influences behaviors, encourages critical thinking, promotes social changes, enhances credibility, and enhances trust and confidence.

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