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What is ethics? Explain its role in human life. | UPPSC General Studies 4 Mains ETHICS Solutions 2019


What is ethics? Explain its role in human life. (UPPSC 2019)


Ethics is the branch of philosophy that evaluate human conduct as right or wrong, good or bad, just or unjust.

Ethics is a set of principles or values that are set by society or organizations that guide human behavior for making the right decisions. It helps to evaluate human behavior or any decision on the basis of ethical principles.

For example, according to ethics, stealing and cheating are unethical. One who steals is considered to be a wrong human being. Society does not accept it.

Ethics play important role in human life, the following role are mentioned below-

Help in solving complex dilemmas; Ethics plays an important role in solving complex problems and provides a way out of moral dilemmas. It helps in making ethical choices that are accepted by society or organizations.

Help in evaluating behaviors; Ethics help in determining what actions are morally acceptable or unacceptable, how an individual should interact with others, and how should be his behaviors.

Help in promoting social cohesion and trust; Ethics promotes the establishment of a common standard of behaviors that are accepted by members of the community or society. Adhering to ethical principles based on justice, commitment, integrity, and fairness, help to build stronger relationship and communities.

In conclusion, we can say that ethics guides individuals and society by promoting ethical behavior and decision-making.

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