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The granddaughter of an elderly man comes pleading for your help. What will you do? | UPPSC General Studies 4 Mains ETHICS Solutions 2019


 You are trying to become a P.C.S. officer after clearing various stages now you are eligible for the personal interview. While going to appear for the interview, you saw that an elderly man is going somewhere with his granddaughter. Suddenly he gets a heart attack in front of you.  The granddaughter of an elderly man comes pleading for your help. What will you do? Discuss in detail. (UPPSC 2019)


As a responsible citizen and a potential P.C.S. officer, it is my duty to provide emergency help to someone. Here, on one hand, I have to help an elderly person who suddenly gets a heart attack, and on the other hand, I have to attend a personal interview on time. Skipping anyone would make me guilty.

In the above situation, first of all, I will help the elderly person to breathe by pressing hard on his chest. And also, the first thing to do is call emergency services (such as an ambulance) as soon as possible and inform the family of an elderly person. In the meantime, I'll try to keep the old man calm and stable. I would ask him if he has any medicine he needs to take. If it happens, I will feed it.

As I personally try to reach the interview at least 2 hours before so 2 hours will be enough time for me to deal with such emergency situations.

Once, the emergency services arrive, I will provide relevant information about the situation to the emergency service and its family members. I will arrange transportation to a nearby hospital, and delegate care to family members.

After providing emergency assistance, I will happily appear for the interview.

In conclusion, it is important to appear for a personal interview and also as a responsible citizen and a potential PCS officer, it is also the responsibility to provide immediate assistance in emergency situations. I usually take enough time, keeping in mind the worst-case scenario, to reach the location for an important job like an interview. Due to this, will be able to do both on time.

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