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What is technology's mission in agriculture? State its usefulness. । UPPSC General Studies-III Mains Solutions 2021


What is technology's mission in agriculture? State its usefulness.

( UPPSC, UP PCS Mains General Studies-III/GS-3 2021)


Technology mission in agriculture means aim to promote the development and adoption of new technologies in agriculture to improve productivity, efficiency, and sustainability. This mission is generally promoted by the government by promoting research and development and encouraging farmers to adapt.

Nowadays, there are three major problems that are faced by agriculture. They are low productivity, environmental degradation, and climate change. Technology missions in agriculture may help in overcoming these problems.

The following are some initiatives taken under technology's mission in agriculture -

  • Technology mission on oilseeds, Pulse, and Maize: launched in 1986.
  • Technology mission on Cotton: launched in 2000
  • National Mission on Sustainable Agriculture: launched in 2010
  • National Livestock Mission: launched in 2014
  • The mission for integrated development of Horticulture: launched in 2014
  • National mission on food processing: launched in 2014
  • Jute Technology Mission: launched in 2015

The following is the use of technology missions in agriculture -

Increasing productivity:  New agriculture technologies like vertical farming, precision agriculture, genetically modified crop, and drip irrigation can help farmers increase their productivity by optimizing resource use, reducing waste, and improving crop yield.

Making sustainability in Farming: New technologies like the use of nanotechnology in agriculture and drip irrigation in agriculture would make agriculture practices more sustainable. It will mitigate the effects of climate change by conserving resources like water and soil.

Enhancing food security; With the growing population and reducing crop production, there are challenges to ensuring food security. Using technology mission in agriculture would increase productivity and sustainability, which leads to food security.

Promoting rural development; Technology's mission on agriculture creates job opportunities and increases income for farmers which would promote rural development.

In conclusion, we can say, the technology mission in agriculture can play a critical role in addressing the challenges faced by agriculture sectors and promoting sustainable development.

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