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Discuss the kinds and functions of civil defense. How much is it effective in Uttar Pradesh? Explain. । UPPSC General Studies-III Mains Solutions 2021


Discuss the kinds and functions of civil defense. How much is it effective in Uttar Pradesh? Explain.

( UPPSC, UP PCS Mains General Studies-III/GS-3 2021)


According to the Civil Protection Act of 1968, civil defense has the responsibility of protecting individuals, property, and places from hostile attacks in India. They do not involve the actual war, but they protect public citizens in various ways.

The Civil Defense Act of 1968 was amended in 2009-2010, and disaster management was also added to civil defense responsibilities.

At present, civil defense is an organization comprised of citizens, communities, and government agencies, their main function is to prepare, prevent, reduce the damage caused by different types of emergency situations, attacks, and disasters, and recover, and recover it Have to be ready for.

The main objective of civil defense is to protect life, reduce damage and ensure the availability of proper functioning of essential services during crisis time.

The followings are the kinds and functions of civil defense;

Emergency preparedness; Civil defense provides education and training to individuals and communities to handle emergencies effectively. For example, they provide awareness about first aid, emergency response protocol, and evacuation procedures.

Disaster Response; Civil defense plays important roles in search and rescue operations, providing medical assistance, setting up temporary shelters, distributing relief supplies, and restoring essential services.

Cooperation between the general public and institution; Civil Defense plays an important role in bridging the communication gap between the citizen and public authority. It plays an important role in the proper delivery of government and nongovernmental organization support to the public during times of attack and disasters.

Effectiveness of Civil Defence in Uttar Pradesh-

Civil Defence in Uttar Pradesh very very effective in the following ways-

Maintaining Social Peace; The Civil Defence Department of Uttar Pradesh has played an important role in maintaining peace, and harmony and maintaining internal security.

Disaster Management; Civil defense of Uttar Pradesh played a very crucial role in overall disaster management during Covid-19 Pandemic. Before November 2022, Civil Defense was operated only in 25 districts of Uttar Pradesh. However, after seeing the prominent role of civil defense during covid pandemic, the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh ( Shri Yogi Atiyanath) extended the utility of civil defense in all 75 districts of the state.

In conclusion, Civil Defence plays a very important role in planning, responding, and minimizing the negative impact of an attack or disaster. Government should take the necessary steps to strengthen the role of civil defense. 

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