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“Narco terrorism” is a threat to India's internal security. Discuss it. । UPPSC General Studies-III Mains Solutions 2020


“Narco terrorism” is a threat to India's internal security. Discuss it.

( UPPSC, UP PCS Mains General Studies-III/GS-3 2020)


The involvement of terror organizations and insurgencies in drug trafficking is called "Narco-Terrorism". Narco-terrorism refers to the nexus between terrorist organizations and drug trafficking activities.  They pose a significant threat to India’s internal security. Here are some threats mentioned about the impact and implications of narco-terrorism in India;

Terror financing; 

Narco-terrorism serves as a source of funding for terrorist organizations. The profit generated from drug trafficking activities provides financial resources to support their illicit activities, including recruitment, training, procurement of weapons, and planning of terrorist attacks. This poses serious security concerns in India.


Social unrest; 

Drug addiction, organized crime, and violence associated with drug trafficking can undermine law and order, weaken institutions, and erode the social fabric. This can lead to an increase in crime rates, social unrest, and a sense of insecurity among the population. Drug addiction and strains of public health will make it difficult to hold the law-and-order situations in the country.

Cross-Border Implications;

India shares porous borders with neighboring countries like Nepal and Bhutan, making it vulnerable to cross-border drug trafficking and infiltration of terrorists. This poses challenges to India’s efforts to counter terrorism and maintain border security.


Undermining economic growth; 

Drug trade can undermine legitimate economic activities, discourage investments, and divert resources away from productive sectors. It also leads to a loss of human capital as individuals get involved in drug trafficking or fall victim to addiction.


Addressing the threat of narco-terrorism requires a comprehensive and multi-faceted approach, these are some steps needed;


Strengthening law enforcement; including border control monitoring, and inter-agency coordination is crucial for countering narco-terrorism.


International cooperation; As narco-terrorism is not a problem of a single country, nor do I operate in within a country. So, cooperation and collaboration with neighboring countries and international partners are essential in addressing narco-terrorism.


Socioeconomic Development, public awareness, and Rehabilitation; Promoting socio-economic development, improving education and healthcare facilities, and implementing effective drug prevention are vital to minimize narco-terrorism. It would reduce the demand for illegal drugs in society.


In conclusion, We can say narco-terrorism is a major threat to the internal security of India as facilitates terror financing, increases drug addiction in society, social unrest, and undermine economic growth. Strengthening of law enforcement, intelligence sharing, international cooperation, socio-economic development, and community awareness, would reduce the impact of challenges of narco-terrorism in internal security in India.

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