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What is “Revolution in Military Affairs (RMA)” from the security perspective of India? । UPPSC General Studies-III Mains Solutions 2020


What is “Revolution in Military Affairs (RMA)” from the security perspective of India?

( UPPSC, UP PCS Mains General Studies-III/GS-3 2020)


Integration of new technology, artificial intelligence, robotics, precision-guided weapons, and network-centric warfare in military operations is termed a Revolution in Military Affairs(RMA).

Revolution in Military Affairs (RMA) refers to the transformative changes and advancements in military technology, doctrines, and strategies that make a significant impact on the military ecosystem.

The United States of America already transformed its military operations in line with Revolution in Military Affairs (RMA).

Revolution in Military Affairs(RMA) provides both opportunities and challenges from a security perspective in India -


Modernization of Armed forces;

Revolution in Military Affairs (RMA) is very necessary for modernizing defense systems through advanced weapons systems, Communication, intelligence, and surveillance.


Helping in Network-centric warfare-

Resolution in Military Affairs (RMA) emphasizes network-centric warfare where information sharing, connectivity, and interoperability play important roles in military operations.

Help in counter- insurgency operations;

Advanced surveillance technologies, precise strikes, and information sharing help in minimizing the damage.


Enhances the defensive capabilities-

Revolution in Military Affairs (RMA) helps in making precise guided weapons and cyber capabilities that enable more accurate and effective strikes against the enemy target. It also helps in surveillance technology that helps in early warning and threat detection, which helps in defencing technology.

Challenges of "Revolution in Military Affairs (RMA)" -

Internal security challenges: Non-state actors or insurgents can also use advanced technology to disturb the internal security of India.

Cyber challenges-

Revolution in Military Affairs(RMA) makes the defense system more dependent on networks, which pose new threats to cyber security. Hackers can damage and weaken critical military infrastructure and communication systems that are based on computer network technology.

In conclusion, Revolution in Military Affairs (RMA) provides a significant advantage to the military capabilities of India as it helps in advancing military technology. However, it also faces the challenges of cyber-attack and misuse of modern technology by insurgents.

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