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What do you mean by “Inclusive Growth”? How inclusive growth is helpful in reducing poverty and inequalities in India? । UPPSC General Studies-III Mains Solutions 2019


What do you mean by “Inclusive Growth”? How inclusive growth is helpful in reducing poverty and inequalities in India? Explain.

( UPPSC, UP PCS Mains General Studies-III/GS-3 2019)


Inclusive growth refers to the economic growth that benefits all sections of society and creates opportunities for all, particularly those who are marginalized or weaker section of society. It aims to bridge the gap between rich and poor, and also ensure that the benefits of economic development are distributed equitably, especially to women, the disabled, the poor, scheduled tribes, and minorities.

Inclusive growth plays an important role in the reduction of poverty and inequality. United Nations' sustainable goals of Goal-1 ( No poverty), Goal-5 ( gender equality), and Goal-10 ( reduced inequality) focus on inclusive growth.

The following way inclusive growth is helpful in reducing poverty and inequalities in India:

Poverty reduction and job creation:

Inclusive growth aims to create opportunities for all. It aims to create sufficient sources of income generation and improve living standards for all segments of society. 

Inclusive growth focuses on all sectors such as education, healthcare, agriculture, manufacturing, services, construction, and industry; by focusing on all sectors, it generates enough employment that provides employment opportunities and livelihood of all sections of society, which are crucial in reducing poverty.

Promoting small-scale industries and agro-based industries are ways to provide employment opportunities to the weaker sections of society, so it is one way to inclusive development.

Social inclusion:

Inclusive growth focuses on bridging the gap between social divides and addressing disparities based on gender, caste, ethnicity, and religion. It ensures that marginalized communities have equal access to resources, opportunities, and public services.

Reducing the digital divide and providing digital services to rural areas is also a way to inclusive growth.

Human capital development:

Inclusive growth emphasizes investment in human capital. It emphasizes access to quality education, skills, and knowledge and enables them to participate in economic activities and improve their socio-economic status. It emphasizes improving healthcare services to ensure a healthy workforce, which increased productivity that will reduce poverty and income inequality. UN sustainable goal-3( Focus on health and wellbeing) and goal-4( education) focus on human capital development.

Regional development: 

Inclusive growth promotes balance development across different regions of the country. It reduces the concentration of economic activities in a particular region and reduces regional disparities. Goal 10 of United's sustainable development focuses on reducing inequality within and between countries.

In conclusion, Inclusive growth in India focuses on creating equitable opportunities, reducing poverty, and addressing social disparities. Inclusive growth promotes job creation, social inclusion, human capital development, and balanced regional development.

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