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At present in emerging security challenges, how nuclear weapons can be advantageous in India’s security management? Explain it. । UPPSC General Studies-III Mains Solutions 2020


At present in emerging security challenges, how nuclear weapons can be advantageous in India’s security management? Explain it.

( UPPSC, UP PCS Mains General Studies-III/GS-3 2020)


In the present-day security landscape, nuclear weapons are advantageous to India’s security management in several ways. India follows a policy of credible minimum deterrence, which means it maintains a nuclear arsenal mainly for deterrence purposes rather than as an offensive weapon.

Here are some advantages which nuclear weapons can contribute to India’s security management-

Deterrence against Nuclear Weapons; As we are aware that our neighboring countries - China and Pakistan have nuclear weapons, and India does not have a good relationship with them. In this case, having nuclear weapons serve as a deterrent against potential nuclear threats from other nuclear-armed states.


Defense against Conventional Aggression; Nuclear weapons can also act as deterrents against conventional military aggression. India can use it against any large-scale conventional attack on India. It could escalate into a nuclear conflict, thereby deterring such aggression.


National Security and Sovereignty; Nuclear weapons are seen as means to protect India’s strategic autonomy and ability to defend itself against any external threats.


Regional Stability; The presence of a nuclear deterrent can contribute to regional and global stability. It prevents the outbreak of large-scale conflicts and reduces the risk of aggression among nuclear-armed states.


Help in negotiating Power and Diplomacy; Nuclear weapons of India can provide India with greater leverage and influence in International negotiations and diplomacy.

Ensuring Second Strike Capability; India’s nuclear weapons provide the capability for a second strike. It provides the ability to retaliate effectively even after suffering a nuclear attack. This minimizes the consequences of initiating nuclear conflict.


In conclusion, We can say Nuclear weapons can contribute to India’s security management. However, it also provides significant responsibilities and challenges. India is advocated for global disarmament and continues to support efforts to promote a world free of nuclear weapons. The ultimate goal of the world should be to remove nuclear weapons, and security should be maintained through peaceful means.

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