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Critically explain the issue of educated unemployment in U.P. । UPPSC General Studies-III Mains Solutions 2019


Critically explain the issue of educated unemployment in the U.P.

( UPPSC, UP PCS Mains General Studies-III/GS-3 2019)


With about 24 crore population, Uttar Pradesh is the most populous state in India. Educated unemployment is one of the major issues in Uttar Pradesh, it arises due to the wide gap between educated individuals and the availability of suitable job opportunities.

The following factors contributed to the problems of educated unemployment in Uttar Pradesh:

Large population: 

Uttar Pradesh had a very large population and millions of people get higher education each year, however, there are limited employment opportunities in the state.

Skill mismatch: 

There is a wide gap between the requisite skill for the market and the available skill to the candidate. Educated people have not had suitable skills for suitable employment.

Informal sector dominance:

Uttar Pradesh has a significant presence in the informal sector which comprises small-scale businesses, self-employment, and unorganized work. Many educated people do not accept low-skilled jobs that do not align with their qualifications.

Lack of manufacturing sector and Information technology sector:

The Uttar Pradesh economy is primarily dominated by agriculture sectors. Inadequate development of manufacturing sectors and information technology leads to the creation of limited job opportunities for educated people.


Addressing the issue of educated unemployment requires a multi-faceted approach, some of it is listed below-

Skill development and strengthening the education system:

Qualification is not sufficient for a job, they should possess the requisite skill that should match the market demand. Governments and institutions should focus on matching the bridge between skill gaps.

Promoting entrepreneurship:

The government has initiated one district and one product scheme to promote the small -medium industries in the state. Government should also promote entrepreneurship for self-employment and job creation.

Industrial diversification:

Uttar Pradesh government should diversify their industries that required educated personnel, which can reduce educated employability.


In conclusion, Due to the very large population in the state and the mismatch in skill, Uttar Pradesh has large educated unemployment. A comprehensive and multifaceted approach is needed to reduce educated unemployment in Uttar Pradesh.

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