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Explain with examples the role of Science and Technology in enhancing national power. । UPPSC General Studies-III Mains Solutions 2019


Explain with examples the role of Science and Technology in enhancing national power.

( UPPSC, UP PCS Mains General Studies-III/GS-3 2019)


National power is not only determined by military capabilities but also determined by a country’s economic growth and development, societal advancement, and global influences.

Science and Technology play a critical role in enhancing national power by contributing to a country’s economic development, military advancement, societal advancement, and global influence.

The following are some roles of science and technology in enhancing national power;

Economic development; National power is largely determined by the level of economic development, and the size of the country's gross domestic product. At present, the future of the economic growth of any country depends on the advancement in the field of Artificial Intelligence ( AI), biotechnology, Semiconductor or Chip technology, renewable energy technology, green hydrogen technology, and automation. These industries are high-tech industries that not only boost economic growth but also create employment opportunities and attract foreign investment.

Military capabilities; Science and technology contribute to enhancing military capabilities through the development of defense technologies, cybersecurity, space technology, advanced automatic weapons, missile technology, nuclear weapons, sophisticated surveillance systems, and Unmanned aerial vehicles (VAVs). 

Societal Advancement; Science and technology enhance education and healthcare facilities, which leads to improvement of overall quality of life. If any country is able to improve its rank on the Human Development Index ( HDI), the country is considered a high society advanced country. Science and technology play important roles in skill development, developing scientific temper, and enhancing knowledge, which also empowers the citizen to employ in high-tech industries, and it also attracts foreign direct investment.

Global influence and soft power; During the Covid, India developed Covid vaccine, and we also shared it with the world, especially low-income countries. That increases our national power and global influence. In the same way, the advancement of low-cost space technology in India also benefitted the world. India is now the leader in pharmaceutical sectors, space sectors, and information and technology sectors; it not only increases our economic growth but also increases global influences and national power.

In conclusion, we can say science and technology enhance national power through economic growth, Strengthening defense capabilities, improving societal wellness and human capital, and increasing global influences. A country like India should invest in the development of Science and Technology in India to boost the scientific ecosystem and enhance the nation's power of the country.

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