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Elaborate on the “National Defence Council” of India. । UPPSC General Studies-III Mains Solutions 2018


Elaborate on the “National Defence Council” of India.

( UPPSC, UP PCS Mains General Studies-III/GS-3 2018)


The National Defence Council (NDC) of India is a high-level strategic body that is mainly responsible for advising the President of India on matters related to national security and defense.

The National Defence Council (NDC) was established to ensure cohesive and integrated decision-making, with the help of both political leadership and military experts.

The National Defence Council (NDC) also serves as the apex decision-making body on defense procurement and security issues in the Country.

The following are some details about the “ National Defence Council “ of India-


Members of the National Defence Council (NDC) are the President, Prime Minister, Cabinet Ministers ( Defence ministers, external affairs, home affairs, and finance minister), and Chief of defense staff ( Chief of staff of the Indian Army, India Navy, and Indian Air Force). Apart from these permanent members, chief ministers of the selected states, additional members like the former president, former prime ministers, and other eminent members are also invited to the meeting.

Functions and Responsibilities: 

The National Defence Council (NDC) has several key functions and responsibilities which include Strategic Policy formulation (defense doctrine and guideline), advice to the president on matters of national security, resource allocation, crisis management ( armed conflicts and natural disasters), and coordination and integration.

Meeting and decision-making: 

The National Defence Council (NDC) meets periodically or as and when required on important defense and security issues. The decisions taken by The National Defence Council (NDC) are advisory in nature and are presented to the president for consideration and implementation.

Importance and significance: 

The National Defence Council (NDC) plays a vital role in ensuring the effective functioning of India’s defense and internal security. It brings together political leaders and military experts and provides a platform for informed decision-making.

In conclusion, the National Defence Council of India is the highest level of defense governance which has various functions and responsibilities which are listed above.

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