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Examine the major provisions of the U.P. Skill Development Mission. Mention the status of its implementation. । UPPSC General Studies-III Mains Solutions 2018


Examine the major provisions of the U.P. Skill Development Mission. Mention the status of its implementation.

( UPPSC, UP PCS Mains General Studies-III/GS-3 2018)


Uttar Pradesh Skill Development Mission ( UPSDM) is the flagship program of the government of Uttar Pradesh aimed to enhance the employability and skill development of the youth in the state. The mission focuses on providing vocational training, promoting entrepreneurship, and job placement to all eligible youth in the 14-35 age group.

The following are some major provisions of the Uttar Pradesh Skill Development mission:

Skill Development Centers: 

The mission aims to establish skill development centers across the state to deliver training programs. These centers are equipped with modern digital infrastructure, trainers, and necessary resources to provide quality training to the participants.

Skill Development Centers:

The mission aims to provide skill development training to the youth of Uttar Pradesh in various sectors like information technology, healthcare, retail, construction, manufacturing, and hospitality.

Industry Partnership: 

The mission closely works with Industry, trade associations, and employer groups to align the training program with industry requirements. It makes partnerships with industry players to enhance training quality, ensure relevance, and create employment opportunities. It also collaborates with industries, employers, and recruitment agencies to ensure that a skilled workforce gets suitable employment opportunities.

Recognition of Prior Learning: 

The mission promotes recognition of prior learning to access and certify the skills of individuals gained through informal channels. 

Entrepreneurship Development: 

The mission also promotes entrepreneurship by providing training, guidance, and support to aspiring entrepreneurs. The mission offers assistance in business plans,  development, access to credit, and others needed to promote entrepreneurship.

Status about the implementation of the Uttar Pradesh Skill development mission is as follows ( As of date June 2023):

  • There are about 910 training partners.
  • There are about 8669 training centers in the state.
  • Skill development focus on about 39 sectors which provides about 1385 courses.
  • About 3.83 lakh youth are taking training, about 6.47 lakh youths are already trained, and 4414 youth got placement after skill development.

In conclusion, the Skill development mission is indeed a good initiative, however quality of training and placement needed to be provided. Skill development mission should be only skill certification mission, training certificates to individuals should be provided after substantial skill development, it can be assured with proper assessment of skills by some reliable institution like IIT.

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