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How are maps more helpful than a globe? | Class 6- The Earth: Our Habitat ( GEOGRAPHY), SOCIAL SCIENCE


How are maps more helpful than a globe?

( Chapter 4: Maps, Class 6- The Earth: Our Habitat ( GEOGRAPHY), SOCIAL SCIENCE)


Globe is a miniature form of Earth where the true copy of Earth (the whole Earth) reflect on it and it is three dimensional (3D) representation of Earth whereas Map is a two-dimensional image of the whole Earth or part of it.

Maps and globes serve different purposes and have unique advantages. Maps are often more helpful than globes in certain situations because of their characteristics.

Maps are more helpful than the Globe in the following ways-

Detail and Specificity: 

Maps can provide highly detailed information about specific areas, regions, or cities. They allow for zooming in on particular locations and can display intricate features like streets, landmarks, and topography in a way that globes cannot.

Globe is useful when we want to study the earth as a whole while a map is useful both for studying as whole earth & part of the earth like countries, states, and cities.

Maps contain much information that can not be depicted on the globe.

Maps are used to show the particular natural features of the earth like mountains, plateaus, plains, rivers, etc, and can have more detailed information than the Globe.

Specialized Maps: 

Maps can be designed for specific purposes, such as road maps, topographic maps, weather maps, thematic maps (e.g., population density), and more. These specialized maps provide targeted information that might not be available on a globe.

There are political maps that cities, towns, and villages are shown.

Specific information like rainfall, forest distribution, and road distribution can be shown on the map but not on the Globe correctly.


Maps are typically flat and can be easily folded, making them highly portable. You can carry maps with you and access specific regions or details without needing a large one.

Variety of Projections: 

Maps come in various scales, which allow cartographers to represent the Earth's curved surface on a flat plane. Different projections are suited to different purposes, making maps versatile for various applications.

Ease of Marking: 

Maps can be easily marked and customized to highlight specific information or features. This makes them valuable tools for planning, navigation, and education.

However, it's important to note that while maps lack in many areas, globes have their advantages. Globes provide an accurate representation of the Earth's shape and the relationships between continents, oceans, and the poles. They are ideal for illustrating concepts like the Earth's axial tilt, the equator, and the distribution of land and water on a global scale.

In summary, maps are more helpful than globes in situations where detailed information, portability, customization, and specific data are required. On the other hand, globes are better for conveying a holistic view of the Earth's overall shape and geographic relationships. 

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