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Mention the uses of coniferous forests. | Class 7 NCERT - Our Environment ( GEOGRAPHY), SOCIAL SCIENCE


Mention the uses of coniferous forests.

( Chapter 6: Natural Vegetation and Wildlife, Class 7- Our Environment ( GEOGRAPHY), SOCIAL SCIENCE)


The coniferous forests have a wide range of economic uses. In addition, coniferous forests provide valuable resources for both the environment and human society. Pines, cedar, fur, and spruce are important trees of coniferous forests.

Coniferous forests are mainly found in the northern part of North America, Europe, and Russia. It is also found in the Himalayan region of India.

The following are key uses of coniferous forests:


Coniferous trees are a major source of pulpwood for the paper and pulp industry. They are used to make paper, newsprint, cardboard, and other paper products.

Matchbox and packing box:

coniferous forests provide soft wood which are suitable for making Matchbox and packing box.

Timber Production: 

Coniferous trees, such as pine, spruce, fir, and cedar, provide high-quality wood that is used in construction, furniture making, paper production, and various wood products.


Coniferous forests are often used for recreational activities such as hiking, camping, skiing, and wildlife viewing. They offer natural settings for outdoor enthusiasts.

Wildlife Habitat: 

Coniferous forests provide essential habitat for a variety of wildlife species, including deer, elk, bears, birds, and small mammals. Many animals rely on coniferous forests for food and shelter.

Carbon Sequestration: 

Coniferous trees play a significant role in carbon sequestration, helping to mitigate climate change by absorbing and storing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Medicinal Plants: 

Some coniferous trees and plants found in these forests have medicinal properties and are used in traditional and modern medicine.

Aesthetic and Cultural Value: 

Coniferous forests have aesthetic value and cultural significance for many communities. They are often considered beautiful landscapes and can hold spiritual or cultural importance.

Hunting and Fishing: 

Coniferous forests are popular hunting grounds for game animals like deer and elk. They also support fish populations in nearby rivers and streams.

Biodiversity Conservation: 

Conservation efforts in coniferous forests help protect diverse ecosystems and endangered species, preserving biodiversity.

The above are important uses of coniferous forests.

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