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What do you understand by communication? | Class 7 NCERT - Our Environment ( GEOGRAPHY), SOCIAL SCIENCE


What do you understand by communication?

( Chapter 7: Human Environment–Settlement, Transport, and Communication, Class 7- Our Environment ( GEOGRAPHY), SOCIAL SCIENCE)


Communication is the process of exchanging information, ideas, thoughts, or feelings between individuals or groups. 

Communication involves a sender, a message, a channel, or a medium through which the message is conveyed to the receiver. 

Effective communication requires the sender to encode the message in a way that the receiver can understand and then transmit it through an appropriate channel.

Communication can take place in various forms, including verbal (spoken or written words), non-verbal (body language, facial expressions, gestures), and visual (graphs, charts, images). 

Communication serves as a fundamental aspect of human interaction and plays a crucial role in conveying thoughts, emotions, knowledge, and instructions, facilitating understanding and collaboration among people. Effective communication is essential in both personal and professional contexts.

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