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What type of clothes do the people of the Sahara desert wear? | Class 7 NCERT - Our Environment ( GEOGRAPHY), SOCIAL SCIENCE


What type of clothes do the people of the Sahara desert wear?

( Chapter 9: Life in the Deserts, Class 7- Our Environment ( GEOGRAPHY), SOCIAL SCIENCE)


The clothing worn by the people of the Sahara Desert is typically adapted to the harsh desert climate and it is part of the nomadic or semi-nomadic lifestyles.

The following are common types of clothes that the people of the Sahara desert wear:

Heavy robe: 

A heavy robe is a traditional, loose-fitting robe, often made of lightweight fabric like cotton or wool. This heavy robe is also known as Djellabas. It provides protection from the sun and can be layered for warmth during cooler desert nights.

Turban or Headscarf: 

Head coverings protect against the intense sun and blowing sand. Men wear turbans, while women often wear headscarves. These also serve cultural and religious purposes.


In some Saharan communities, women wear veils to cover their faces, providing protection from the sun and sand while preserving cultural and religious modesty.


These serve as both head coverings and protection for the face against the elements. They can be wrapped in various styles for different purposes.

Clothing in the Sahara Desert serves not only to protect individuals from the climate but also reflects the cultural traditions and heritage of the diverse communities that inhabit the region. The choice of clothing can vary based on factors like location, lifestyle, and cultural practices

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