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UPPSC Ancient History PYQ [ 2010-2015]

1. Which of the following sources gives a detailed account of the city administration of the Mauryas? (UPPSC 2010 )

a)    Kautilya's Arthashastra

b)    Megasthanese's Indica

c)    Mudrarakshasa of Vishakha Datta

d)    Inscription of Ashoka

Answer. b)    Megasthanese's Indica

2. Which of the following classical works of literature were written during the Gupta Era? (UPPSC 2010 )

1. Amarkosh    

2. Kamsutra

3. Meghduta    

4. Mudrarakshas

Select the correct answer from the codes given below : (UPPSC 2010 )


a) 1 and 2 only    

b) 2 and 3 only

c) 1, 2 and 3 only    

d) 1, 2, 3 and 4

Answer. d) 1, 2, 3 and 4

3. In ancient India, the irrigation tax was called (UPPSC 2010 )

a) Bidakabhagam    

b) Hiranya

c) Udranga    

d) Uparnika

Answer. a) Bidakabhagam    

4. The famous rock-cut temples of Elephanta are ascribed to the (UPPSC 2010 )

a) Chalukyas    

b) Cholas

c) Pallavas    

d) Rashtrakutas

Answer. d) Rashtrakutas

5.  Ash mound is associated with the Neolithic site at (UPPSC 2010 )

a) Budihal    

b) Sangan Kaliu

c) Koidihvva    

d) Brahmgiri

Answer. b) Sangan Kaliu , Bellary district in Telangana state

6. Name the tribe which does not belong to the Panchajana of Rig Vedic Aryans? (UPPSC 2010 )

a) Yadu    

b) Puni

c) Turvasa    

d) Kikat

Answer. d) Kikat

7. The Sarnath Buddha image of Bhumisparshudra belongs to (UPPSC 2010 )

a) Mauryan period    

b) Sunga Period

c) Kushana Period    

d) Gupta period

Answer. d) Gupta period

8. In which of the Vedas, Sabha, and Samiti are called as two daughters of Prajapati? (UPPSC 2010 )

a) Rigveda    

b) Samveda

c) Yajurveda    

d) Atharvaveda 

Answer. d) Atharvaveda 

9. Kartik is a folk dance of ( UPPSC 2010)

a) Bundelkhand    

b) Avadh

c) Purvanchal    

d) Rohilkhand

Answer. a) Bundelkhand    

10. In Uttar Pradesh, the famous place of pilgrimage of both Jain and Baudh is at (UPPSC 2010 )

a) Dcvipatan    

b) Kaushambi

c) Kushinagar    

d) Sarnath

Answer. b) Kaushambi

11. With which dynasty of rulers would you associate the construction of the famous Kailash Temple of Ellora? ( UPPSC 2008)

a) Pallavas

b) Cholas

c) Rashtrakutas

d) Chalukyas

Answer. c) Rashtrakutas

12. The first Gupta ruler who issued coins was  ( UPPSC 2011)

a) Srigupta

b) Chandragupta I

c) Samudragupta

d) Chandragupta II

Answer:b) Chandragupta I

13. The Prince who was responsible for the death of his father was  ( UPPSC 2011)

a) Ajatasatru

b) Chandapradyota

c) Prasenjit

d) Udayana

Answer. a) Ajatasatru

14. The writer of Mahabhasya 'Patanjali ' was a contemporary of  ( UPPSC 2011)

a) Chandragupta Maurya

b) Ashoka

c) Pushyamitra Sunga

d) Chandragupta I

Answer. c) Pushyamitra Sunga

15. Gautama Buddha had attained Mahaparinibban in the State of  ( UPPSC 2011)

a) Anga

b) Magdha

c) Malla

d) Vatsa

Answer:c) Malla Mahajanpad, Kushinagar, Uttar Pradesh

16. Buddha delivered Maximum sermons at  ( UPPSC 2011)

a) Vaishali

b) Sravasti

c) Kaushambi

d) Rajgriha

Answer. b) Sravasti ( Kosala kingdom)

17. Consider the following statement and select the correct answer from the code given below:  ( UPPSC 2011)

1. Vikrarn Samvat began in 58 BC.

2. Saka Samvat began in 319 AD.

3. The Gupta era began in 319 AD.

4. The era of Muslim rule in India began in 1192 AD.


a) 1 and 2

b) 3 and 4

c) 1, 2 and 3

d) 1,2, 3 and 4

Answer. b) 3 and 4

18. " Sita "in Mauryan age means: ( UPPSC 2013)

a) a Goddess

b) a religious sect

c) revenue from crown land

d) Barren land

Answer. c;

Crown land revenue: Sita

land revenue from cultivator: Bhaga

Hiranya: Paid in cash 

19. The earliest occurrence of the mantra famous as the Gayatri mantra is found in the following text: ( UPPSC 2013)

a) Bhagwad Gita

b) Atharva Veda

c) Rig Veda

d) Manusmriti

Answer. c;

It was written around 2500 to 3500 years ago.

20. The "Dakshinamurti" idol of Shiva depicts him in which form? ( UPPSC 2013)

a) Teacher

b) Dancing

c) Reclining 

d) Meditating

Answer. a;

21. What is the date of the Sarnath Buddhist image inscription of Kanishka? ( UPPSC 2014)

a) 78 A.D.

b) 81 A.D.

c) 98 A.D.

d) 121 A.D.

Answer. c. 98A.D.

78 A.D; startting of Shaka era.

Kanishkka rule: 78 A,D to 144 A.D

usage Script is Greek, Brahmi, and Khroshthi.

22. Who renovated Sudarshan Lake without using forced labor? ( UPPSC 2014)

a) Chandragupta Maurya

b) Bindusar

c) Ashoka

d) Rudradaman-I

Answer. d. Rudradaman-I

23. Sarga, Pratisarga, Vansa, Manvantara, and Vanshanucharita are the indicators of  :( UPPSC 2015)

a) Vedas

b) Puranas

c) Upanishads

d) Sutra

Answer. b;

Matsya Purana has five signs( Panch Lakshana),

Sarga: Creation of the world.

Pratisarga: Cosmology

Vansa: Geneology, sages, gods, and kings.

Manvantara Cosmic cycle.

Vanshanucharit: Dynasty of kings Chandra Vansi and Suryavansi.

24. Who one of the following had not come to India with Alexander? ( UPPSC 2015)

a) Nearchus

b) Onesicritus

c) Deimachus

d) Aristobulus

Answer. C;

25. In the early Rigvedic period, what was considered to be the most valuable property? ( UPPSC 2015)

a) Land

b) Cow

c) Women

d) Water

Answer. b;

26. Who out of the following performed a ritual called "Hiranya-Garbha"? ( UPPSC 2015)

a) Mayur Sharman

b) Harichandra

c) Danti Durga

d) Harsha

Answer. c;

Danti Durga overthrew the Chalukya overload.

Danti Durga was the founder of the Rashtrakuta Empire. 735 AD.

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