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UPPSC Medieval History PYQ [ 2015-2018]

1. Mughal Emperor Jahangir gave the title of "English-Khan" to: ( UPPSC 2015)

a) Albuquerque

b) Fransisco Almida

c) William Hawkin

d) Henry The Navigator

Answer. c;

2. Which of the following forts was not constructed in the reign of Akbar? ( UPPSC 2015)

a) Red Fort of Delhi

b) Agra Fort

c) Allahabad Fort

d) Lahore Fort

Answer. a;

The Red Fort of Delhi was made up by Shahjahan. in 1546.

Shahjahan shifted the capital from Agra to Delhi.

3. Who were the Polygars of South India? ( UPPSC 2015)

a) Ordinary Zamindar

b) Mahajans

c) Territorial Administrative and Military Governor

d) Newly enriched traders

Answer. c;

4. Which one of the following pairs is not correctly matched? ( UPPSC 2015)

a) First Battle of Panipat: 1526

b) Battle of Khanva: 1527

c) Battle of Ghagra: 1529

d) Battle of Chanderi: 1530

Answer. d.

Battle of Chanderi; 1528; Between Babur and Rajput.

First Battle of Panipat: Timurid under Babur vs Afghans under Ibrahim Lodi

Second Battle of Panipat: 1556: Hemu vs Akbar

The third battle of Panipat: 1761: Maratha Empire vs Ahmad Shah Abdali

Battle of Ghagra: 1529; Babur vs Mahmud Lodi; Bihar annexed

Battle of Khanva(1527): Babur vs Rana Sanga; Rajpur ruler.

Battle of Chandri( 1528): Babur vs Rajput

5. Jahangir mainly patronized which of the following arts? ( UPPSC 2016)

a) Painting

b) Architecture

c) Sculpture

d) Music

Answer. a. Painting.

6. Who was called a " slave of a slave’? ( UPPSC 2016)

a) Mohmad Ghori

b) Qutubuddin Aibak

c) Balban

d) Ilitutmish

Answer. d.

7. Which Mughal ruler out of the following learned Hindu music from Lala Kalavant? ( UPPSC 2016)

a) Humayun

b) Jahangir

c) Akbar

d) Shahjehan

Answer. c. Akbar.

8. During the Mughal period, the Madarsa which specialized in the teaching of ‘Muslim Jurisprudence’, was located in ( UPPSC 2016)

a) Lucknow

b) Delhi

c) Sialkot

d) Hyderabad (India)

Answer. a. Lucknow

9. In which year, did Babar defeat Sultan Ibrahim Lodi at the battle of Panipat? ( UPPSC 2016)

a) 1527 A.D.

b) 1526 A.D.

c) 1525 A.D.

d) 1524 A.D.

Answer. b. 1526 A.D'; First battle of Panipat.

10.  ‘The Last Sun of Indian Glory’ has been used for ( UPPSC 2016)

a) Shivaji

b) Prithviraj

c) Rana Pratap

d) Hemu

Answer. d. Hemu.

11. Which among the following systems of levying land revenue in Deccan was prevalent during the reign of Akbar? ( UPPSC 2017)

a) Kankut

b) Number of Ploughs

c) Zabt

d) Ghallabakshi

Answer. c;

Zabt: was a land measurement system and based on the Zabt land revenue was collected.

Ghallabakshi ( fixed rate) was also prevalent during Akbar's reign.

12. Who among the following foreign travelers visited India during the reign of Jahangir? ( UPPSC 2017)

a) Father Anthony Monserate

b) Francisco Pelsaert

c) Niccolo Manucci

d) Francois Bernier

Answer. b;

Francisco Pelsaert was a Dutch traveler who visited during the reign of Jahangir.

13. Who was the last ruler of "Jaunpur state"? ( UPPSC 2017)

a) Mohammed Shah

b) Hussain Shah

c) Mubarak Shah

d) Ibrahim Shah

Answer. B;

Hussain Shah was the last ruler of "Jaunpur state".

14. Whose army was defeated by the army of Kakatiya rulers in 1303 at Warangal? ( UPPSC 2017)

a) Iltutmish

b) Balban

c) Alauddin Khalji

d) Muhammad Tughlaq

Answer. c; Alauddin Khalji.

15. The term 'chakra' has been used in Medieval Indian History sources. This was  ( UPPSC 2018)

a) Identical to Paragraph

b) Identical to Sarkar

c) Territorial unit between Subah and Paragnah, but not Identical to Sarkar

d)None of the above

Answer. c

16. The Maratha claim of revenue for protection is known by what name?  ( UPPSC 2018)

a) Sardesh Mukhi    


c) Abwab         

d) Jamadani

Answer. a

17. The mosque-the Khayr-ul-manzil opposite to the Purana Qila in Delhi was constituted by whom? ( UPPSC 2018)

a) Hamida Banu Begum

b) Salima Sultan

c) Jiji Anga

d) Maham Anaga

Answer. d

18. Arrange the following into chronological order and select the correct answer from the codes given below:  ( UPPSC 2018)

A. Muhammad Shah

B. Jahandar Shah

C. Alamgir II

D. Ahmadshah


a) A  C  D  B

b) B  A  D  C

c) C  A  B  D

d) D  B  C  A

Answer. b

19. Which of the following pairs is NOT correctly matched?  ( UPPSC 2018)

a) Adina Masjid     - Mandu

b) Lal Darwaza Masjid - Jaunpur

c) Dakhil Darwaza - Gaur

d) Tin Darwaza     - Ahmedabad

Answer. a.


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