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Child cuddling is now being replaced by mobile phones. Discuss its impact on the socialization of children. | UPSC 2023 General Studies Paper 1 Mains PYQ


Child cuddling is now being replaced by mobile phones. Discuss its impact on the socialization of children.

(UPSC 2023 General Studies Paper 1 (Main) Exam, Answer in 150 words)


Socialization [ of children] is the process whereby a child learns to adjust to society and family and behave socially as society approves.

Child Cuddling is the process of raising or nurturing children, which includes physical affection, love, and close interaction between child and family ( parent, grandparents, and caregivers).

Traditionally, child cuddling played a key role in a child's overall development, which includes socialization, emotional, and psychological development of children. However, nowadays there is increasing use of mobile phones and digital devices, among children, parents, and caregivers, and it impacts mostly negatively on the socialization of children.

Some of the impacts on the socialization of children are as follows:

Social learning:

Children learn social behaviors by observing parents and caregivers. Lack of time for child cuddling affects the social learning and interpersonal interaction of children.

Limited Physical interaction:

If parents or caregivers are frequently engaged with mobile phones, or children are involved in playing with mobile phones, it could result in less time for cuddling and physical affection.

Lack of attachment and Bonding:

Child Cuddling is essential for building emotional bonds and increasing attachments between parents and children. A lack of such bonding may influence a child's emotional development. 

Communication Skills:

Child Cuddling helps children to early communication with parents. Excessive use of mobile phones by children or parents could limit face-to-face communication and verbal, and non-verbal communication skills to children.

Emotional Regulation and Development of Empathy:

Cuddling encourages physical touch, which has positive effects on stress reduction, emotional regulation, and empathy development.

Attention and Focus:

Increasing use of mobile phones affects the child's perception of their importance and value in the interaction.

Despite the above negative implications of the socialization of children by using mobile phones in childcare, there are some positive impacts, like early development of tech-driven skills, and educational awareness. However, to foster healthy socialization, parents and caregivers need to strike a balance between technology use and meaningful interpersonal interaction. Prioritizing quality time for cuddling, conversation, and physical play is crucial for children's emotional and social development. 

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