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Isohels are the Isopleths of

 Isohels are the Isopleths of

a) Sunshine

b) Rain

c) Flowering time

d) Clouds

Answer. a) Sunshine

Isohels is made up of two words Iso ( equal) and hels ( Sun) which means equal sunshine. It is a line on a map connecting points of the same duration of sunshine.

An isopleth is a line connecting points having equal incidence of a specific meteorological feature.

Some key facts related to isopleth are as follows:

Isobar: Isobar is a line on the map connecting points on equal pressure.

Isotherms: Isotherms is a line on the map connecting points of equal temperature.

Isohaline: Equal salinity level in the ocean.

Isohyet: Line connecting points of equal rainfall.

Isoneph: same average percentage of cloudiness

Isonif: A line on a climate map linking places with equal snowfall

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