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Shale is metamorphosed into which of the following rocks?

 Shale is metamorphosed into which of the following rocks?

a) Graphite

b) Gneiss

c) Marble

d) Slate

Answer. d) Slate

Rock types:

There are three types of rocks namely:

  • Igneous rock
  • Metamorphic Rocks
  • Sedimentary rocks

Igneous rock:

Igneous rock, also called Primary rocks. It formed directly after the cooling of magma. Some of the examples of Igneous rock are granite, gabbro, basalt, tuff, Pegmatite, Breccia, and diorite.

Sedimentary Rocks:

Sedimentary rocks are formed after the breaking of Igneous rocks. 

Fossils and layering of fossils are seen in the sedimentary rocks. Natural gas is found in the Sedimentary rocks.

Examples of sedimentary rocks are Shale, sandstone, limestone, and clay

Metamorphic rocks:

Sedimentary and igneous rocks are subjected to high temperature and pressure, it converted to metamorphic rock.

For example, Shale rock is a sedimentary rock, it gets converted to slate after increasing metamorphism [ intense heat and pressure under the Earth's crust].

The list I (Original rock):        List II ( Metamorphic rocks)

Sandstone / Siltstone ( Sedimentary):        Quartzite

Limestone ( Sedimentary):     Marble

Shale ( Sedimentary):             Slate/Phyllite/Schist/Gneiss

Bituminous Coal ( Sedimentary): Anthracite Coal

Granite ( Igneous):                 Gneiss

Basalt ( Igneous):                 Schist

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