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The "Pacific Ring of Fire" is associated with

 The "Pacific Ring of Fire" is associated with

a) Oil Well fires

b) Thermal power station

c) Volcanoes and earthquakes

d) Forest fires

Answer. c) Volcanoes and earthquakes

 The "Pacific Ring of Fire" is associated with Volcanoes and earthquakes.

About the Pacific Ring of Fire:

The rim of the Pacific is also called the rim of fire or Circum-Pacific belt due to the existence of active volcanoes in this region.

It is a series of underwater volcanoes and earthquake sites around the edges of the Pacific Ocean.

About 70 % of world Volcanoes and earthquakes are associated with "The Pacific Ring of Fire". 

 It is the result of plate tectonics.

Chile, Peru, Mexico, the United States, Canada, Russia, Japan, the Philippines, Indonesia, and New Zealand are some major countries that are located in the Pacific Ring of Fire zone.

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