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Discuss the nature of regional parties in Uttar Pradesh. Throw light on their importance in the politics of the state. | UPPSC General Studies-V (5) Mains Solutions 2023


Discuss the nature of regional parties in Uttar Pradesh. Throw light on their importance in the politics of the state.

 (UPPSC Mains General Studies-V/GS-5 2023 Solutions)


Election Commission ( Article 324) is a constitutional body responsible for Parliamentary Election and State Assembly Election.  All political parties need to be registered with the Election Commission to participate in any election. 

Political parties in India are divided into three categories:

  • National Party
  • Regional Party
  • Unrecognized parties

Region Party:

Regional Parties are those political parties, that got a minimum of 6 % of the vote share in the last state election either in Lok Sabha or Assembly Election; or won a minimum of 2 seats in the Assembly.

There are more than 50 regional parties in India. 

As far as Regional Parties in Uttar Pradesh are concerned, the Samajwadi Party ( SP), Apna Dal ( Sonelal), Rashtriya Lok Dal, Nirbal Indian Shoshit Hamara Aam Dal ( NISHAD), and The Suheldev Bharatiya Samaj Party ( SBSP) are major regional parties.

Nature of regional parties in Uttar Pradesh:

Focus on Regional Issues: 

Regional parties in Uttar Pradesh focus on addressing the specific needs of the state's diverse regions, communities, and socio-economic groups.

For example, Rashtriya Lok Dal focuses on landless farmers and farmer issues.

Identity Politics:

Many regional parties in Uttar Pradesh are based on identity politics, representing the interests of particular caste groups, religious communities, or linguistic minorities. 

For example, Apna Dal ( Sonelal) demands a caste-based census in Uttar Pradesh.

Coalition Dynamics:

Regional parties in Uttar Pradesh frequently engage in coalition politics, forming alliances with other regional or national parties to maximize their electoral prospects.

Importance in the Politics of Uttar Pradesh:

Electoral Competition:

Regional parties of Uttar Pradesh give strong competition to national parties like Bhartiya Janta Party and Indian National Congress.

Reflect Composite Social:

Regional parties provide political representation and voice to marginalized and underprivileged communities ( Dalits, Backward) which were neglected by National Parties.

Regional Development:

Regional parties advocate for the development of respective regions and communities. They push for legislative reforms to address the social-economic disparities.

Regional Parties in Uttar Pradesh play a vital role in the state's politics by representing regional interests and mobilizing support from diverse communities.

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