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e-district project of the Uttar Pradesh government.

Keywords related to the e-district project:

  • E-Governance 
  • Government to Citizen ( G2C) services
  • Common Service Centers or Citizen Service Centers (CSC)
  • National Informatic Centre ( NIC)
  • Digital Locker
  • eSathi Portal
  • UMANG Portal


E-governance is also known as electronic governance. It is a tool to deliver government services to all citizens using information and communication technologies ( Internet, Computer, mobile computing, cloud servicing, etc).

Government to Citizen ( G2C) services: 

Government-to-citizen ( G2C) services are part of e-governance, which offers a variety of Information Communication Technologies ( ICT) Services to citizens and strengthens the relationship between government and citizens. Examples, are IRCTC ticket booking, Voter ID creation, availing government pension, etc.

Citizen Service Centers ( CSC):

Citizen Service Centers ( CSC) are one kind of internet cafe or access points for citizens to access government services ( G2C) without visiting government offices. For Example, Citizens can apply for Aadhar cards, Ration cards, Caste Certificates, etc, through Citizen Service Centers.

National Informatic Centre ( NIC):

National Informatic Centre ( NIC) is a government department under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology ( Meity) that maintain citizen's data and the government's website.

Digital Locker:

Digital locker is a secure cloud-based platform for storing, sharing, and verifying documents and certificates. It is part of the digital Indian Program and Government initiative for paperless governance. 

eSathi Portal:

eSathi Portal provides the government services of Uttar Pradesh and it is part of the e-district project.

UMANG Portal:

UMANG portal is a single web and mobile application platform for all Indian Citizens to access pan India e-government services ( Both Central Government and State Government).

E-district project of the Uttar Pradesh government:

The e-district project of Uttar Pradesh is one web portal that provides government services to citizens through Citizen Service Centers ( CSC). 

More than 280 government services of 32 departments are available in the e-district portal.

Major Government services are income certificates, caste certificates, domicile certificates, solvency certificates, marriage certificates, Rashan cards, copies of the Kutumb register, etc.

It is integrated with a digital locker, E-Sathi Mobile application,  and UMANG Portal.

It aims to minimize the effort and time to provide prompt and effective government services to its citizens.

The top five user districts of the e-district project are Prayagraj, Gazipur, Ajamgarh, Jaunpur, and Pratapgarh.

Try to solve the following questions:

  • Throw light on the e-district project of the Uttar Pradesh government. Is it a good initiative in the direction of E-governance in Uttar Pradesh? Examine.  (UPPSC Mains General Studies-V/GS-5 2023 Solutions)
  • उत्तर प्रदेश सरकार की ई-डिस्ट्रिक्ट परियोजना पर प्रकाश डालें। क्या यह उत्तर प्रदेश में ई गवर्नेंस की दिशा में एक अच्छी पहल है? परीक्षण कीजिए।

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