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Agricultural inputs and productivity UPSC

The agriculture system has the following components: Input, output, process, and feedback.
agriculture system

  • Input: seed, fertilizers, labor, tools, knowledge, skill, and policy, are the input of the farm system. 
  • Output: food grains, grass, fruit, meat, milk, fish, etc, are the output of the farm system. 
  • Process: farming, harvesting, plowing, livestock farming, etc, are the process of the agriculture system. 
  • Feedback: based on the farm output, farmers get feedback. Using this feedback or experienced knowledge farmer may change the input & process of the agricultural system.

What is productivity?

Productivity is the ratio of farm output and farm input.
 Productivity= output / input costs. 
Productivity is different from fertility. High fertile land need not be high productivity. For example, despite having high fertile agricultural land in India as compared to China & South Korea, productivity is much less than in China & South Korea.
The following are the methods to increase productivity: 
  • Mechanization in agriculture 
  • Innovative ideas in agriculture 
  • Knowledge, skill 
  • High-quality seeds, fertilizer, pesticides may increase the productivity of Z
  • Zero budget farming 
  • Soil health card scheme 
Why productivity is important?
  • Regional imbalance can be estimated by calculating the productivity of farms. 
  • Knowledge disparities also can be known through productivity 
  • Productivity is the actual measurement of efficiency in farm sectors. 
Types of productivity? 
  • Farm productivity 
  • Labor productivity 
  • Machine productivity 
  • Dairy productivity 
  • Livestock productivity
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