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Agricultural Productivity | Agricultural Efficiency| Agricultural Productivity vs Agricultural Efficiency| UPSC| Agriculture geography mains| Geography of India

Table of Contents:

  • Agricultural Productivity
  • Agricultural Efficiency
  • Agricultural Productivity vs Agricultural Efficiency
  • Methods to increase productivity and efficiency
  • Kendall's regional classification is based on agricultural productivity and efficiency

Agricultural Productivity:

  • Production of agriculture crops per hectare of land is called agricultural productivity.
  • For example, 
    • As per 2017-18 data;
    • Per hectare rice production in India is 2576 kg; hence productivity of rice in India is 2576 kg.
    • The agricultural productivity of India is much lower than the world's average productivity.
    • The productivity of rice in India is less than half of China's productivity despite having high fertile lands in India.

What is Agricultural Efficiency?

Agricultural Efficiency is the ratio of farm output and farm input.

Efficiency= output / input costs. 

Input cost includes the seed cost, irrigation, labor, pesticides, machines, etc.

Agriculture Productivity vs Efficiency:

  • Quantitative vs Qualitative
  • Productivity; We can compare the productivity of the same crop vs Efficiency; which can be compared to other crops

The following are methods to increase productivity and efficiency: 

  • Assured irrigation
  • High-quality seeds
  • The proper dose of fertilizer, pesticides, and Manure
  • Good agriculture practices such as Drip irrigation, and sprinkle irrigation.
  • Choosing the good cropping pattern
  • Timely sowing, processing, harvesting, using feedback knowledge
  • Soil health checking
  • Innovative ideas in agriculture 
  • Zero budget farming 

Why productivity is important?

  • As the majority of the population is dependent on agriculture and disparity in productivity leads to development disparity; regional and inter-regional development disparity 

Kendall's regional classification based on agricultural productivity and efficiency:
Kendall is divided into five regions based on agricultural productivity;

Very High Productivity Region:
  • Punjab, Haryana, deltaic parts of Eastern Coastal plains.
  • Reason for very productivity;
    • Fertile land
    • Assured Irrigation
    • Modern agriculture technology usage

High Productivity regions:
  • Ganga plain, Assam plain, Peninsular river valley.
  • Reason for high productivity;
    • Fertile land
    • High cropping intensity

Medium Productivity region
  • Malwa plateau, Gujarat plateau, and Tamil Nadu plateau.
  • Reasons;
    • Partially irrigation

Low Productivity regions;
  • Bundelkhand, Bakhelkhand, Chotanapur plateau
  • North Eastern Hills
  • Reasons:
    • No assured irrigation facilities
    • Shifting cultivation

Very low productivity regions:
  • Rainshadow zone of western Ghats, Rajasthan
  • Reasons:
    • Infertile land
    • low rainfall
    • No irrigation facilities

Try to solve the following questions:

  • Define agricultural productivity. Mention the methods of its measurement and bring out the disparities in its regional distribution. ( UPSC 2013)
  • Distinguish between ‘agricultural productivity and ‘agricultural efficiency’, and bring out the disparity in regional distribution of agricultural efficiency. (UPSC 2015)

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