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Nutrition security UPSC

What is Nutrition security? 

As per the United Nations food and agriculture organization, nutrition security means the availability of sufficient food with all the needed nutrients for the population all over the year.

The following are the four pillars of Nutrition security:
nutrition security
nutrition security

In simple:
Nutrition security = Food security + all essential nutrients with sufficient quality to all the population in all the years.

Nutrients food means the food which gives good health of the body that means :

  • No stunting
  • No wasting
  • No overweight
  • Good immune system
India status of Nutrition Security:
195 million ( 19.5 crores) undernourished people.
47 million children or 40 % of the child population; not meeting human potential and facing problems such as:
  • stunting
  • diminishing learning consequences
  • poor academic performance
  • poor immune system
  • reduced earning performance
  • overweight or obesity in the child population
  • it also increases the communicable diseases 

We have obtained food sufficiency in food production but new problems in food production are emerged such as:
  • climate change is  reducing the farm productivity
  • slowing agriculture growth as compared to population growth
  • land degradation due to overuse of chemical fertilizers
  • desertification is increasing in India
India performance:
  • 50 million tons of food grains production in 1951 and now we are producing 280 million tones more than 5 times in food grains production.

  • In 1951, the Indian population was 361 million, and now (2020) approximately 1.3 billion population( 3.6 times of 1951 population).

The following are the steps taken by India on nutrition security:

For food availability
  • Rashtriya Kishan Vikash Yojna
  • Green Revolution
  • White revolution
  • FCI( Food Corporation of India)
  • Per drop more crop
  • National food security mission

For accessibility:
  • PDS system
  • E-market /E-NAM place
  • Mid-day meal scheme
  • Aganwadi system for pregnant mothers and lactating mothers

For the Affordability side:
  • Doubling farm income by 2022.
  • Mahatama Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act. (MGNREGA)
  • National rural livelihood program

Nutrition security :
  • National wheat flour fortification policy
  • Fortification and diversification of food are needed; in order to provide nutritional security.
  • National food security act 2013 to ensure food and nutrition security in vulnerable society
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