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Frontogenesis and Frontolysis UPSC Climatology| Physical Geography


  •  When the two different air masses meet, they do not mix rapidly as they are varying with temperature, humidity, and density, the boundary of the meeting line is called a front.


  • The process of front formation is called frontogenesis.
  • The Frontogenesis process occurs in the middle latitude with steep pressure and temperature.


  • The process of front-ending is called frontogenesis.

There are four types of fronts:

  • Cold
  • Warm
  • Stationary
  • Occluded

Cold Front:

  • When the cold air mass encroaches the area of warm air masses is called a cold front.
  • Warm air masses uplifted over cold air masses and mainly cirrus clouds with some lower stratus formed.

Warm Front:

If the warm air masses encroach on the area of cold air masses and contact zone is called a warm front.

Stationary front:

  • When the front remains stationary between two air masses; is called stationary

Occluded front:

  • When the warm air masses the completely lifted above the cold air masses is called an occluded front.

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