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Gandhian ideas of Ramrajya, Swarjya, and Swadharna.

Gandhian ideas of Ramrajya, Swarjya :

  • As per Gandhi Ji, Ramrajya and Swarajya are the same.
  • Ramrajya is not imaginary governance.
  • It is self-governance guided by Swadharma and Ahimsa.
  • Gandhi Ji campaigns against caste discrimination as part of individual self-betterment to achieve the goal of Ramrajya.
  • Swarajya and Ramrajya are for reducing individual dependence on the state.
  • Both Tagore in his essay( Society and state) and Gandhi Ji rejected the British welfare state model.
  • Gandhi feared state schemes may weaken the individual commitment to their duties and self-sustainable communities to their basic needs.
  • Communities schools made by communities is one type of Swarajya or Ramrajya.


  • It is a moral commitment made by the individual to work.
  • Excessive control by state undermine the moral commitment to work and led to corruption in all sphere in public and private life.
  • Gandhi Ji emphasized the building of individual moral buildup and the role of the state should be minimized.
For the detailed explanation, watch the below video:

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