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Impacts of ICT on the economy and society | Transport, Communication, and Trade | Geography of India

 Information and communication technology ( ICT)  includes software, hardware, media, storage, message, processing, transmission, audio, and video processing.

Information and communication technology ( ICT) is now part of life and it influences every aspect of our life such as private, public life, society, and the economy.

For example,

  • We do read a newspaper from a mobile.
  • Online Shopping
  • Business meeting
  • Education online
  • Doctor appointment

Society has the following sectors:

  • Community
  • Education
  • Health

The economy has the following main sectors:

  • Agriculture
  • Manufacturing
  • Services

Impact of ICT on Society:

  • Facilitated people to connect worldwide, share and receive thought
  • ICT has made low cast smartphones and cost-effective for almost everybody in society
  • ICT is itself an employment generator
  • Help to spread art and culture and facilitate convergence
  • Geeting correct information
  • Job creation, switching
  • Education and health transformation and accessibility
  • Appreciation of Art and Culture gained by ICT.

Education sector:

  • Teaching, learning, and assessment are not possible online
  • Inclusive education enabled needy children;
  • For example, Talking books, Talk book features, GPS inbuild walking sticking

Health Sectors:

  • Robotic Technology has made precise automation and many medical operations such as surgery.
  • Precise surgery reduces the recovery time
  • Complicated medical treatment is being done jointly by different located doctors.

We will discuss, the role of ICT in each section:

Impact of ICT on Agriculture:

  • ICT has revolutionized the agriculture sector by  providing nearby accurate weather update 
  • Easy and timely prediction of rains and weather conditions.

Impact of ICT on the Manufacturing and Services Sector:

The following are the impact and usefulness of ICT in the various field of the economy:

Impact of ICT in Business:

  • Cross border Online payment made business easier 
  • Information in one place helps get an accurate picture of the business
  • GPS installed in vehicle cover more secures and easy navigation
  • Radar systems facilitate Airplanes and train
  • Online reservation in train. flight, buses
  • Online business attending


  • Online marketing through various websites and mobile applications.
  • Online sales and services


  • Online vehicle and hotel booking
  • Checking places online


  • Get and provide public safety by monitoring, collecting, and checking data, and networks.
  • E-governance as public administration

Managing natural resources and sustainable development:

  • Integration of ICT with development to reduce paper consumption and reduce waste will help in sustainable development
  • By satellite communication and sensing, it is possible to locate the oil well, groundwater, and forest.


  • Satellite communication had a role in advancing communication accessibility in remote areas, rural areas, and border areas.
Try to solve the following questions:
  •  Evaluate the contribution of Communication and Information Technology to the development of the economy and society, and examine the relevance of the recently launched "Digital India" program. (UPSC 2015, 200 words, 15 marks)

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