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Cross border terrorism UPSC | Political Aspects | Geography of India

 Terrorism word is not universal well defined, the meaning of terrorism is different for a different person. Many countries and international bodies such as the UN have adopted their own definition of terrorism. However, criminal and violent activities are involved to spread fear among people, create publicity, indicate the state powerlessly, etc.

Cross Border terrorism:

Cross border terrorism means the soil of one country is used to spread terror to other neighboring countries. It also means the export of terrorism in neighboring countries.

India is the victim of cross-border terrorism that is originated from Pakistan.

The following are the favorable condition of cross border terrorism:

  • Porous Border
  • Support from local people.
  • Corrupt official
  • State-sponsored terrorism policy

Tackling Cross border terrorism:

  • Multi-Layer  Laser Fences along with India-Pakistan Border
  • NIA( National Investigation Agency)
  • IB ( Intelligence Bureau)
  • RAW(Research and Analysis wing)
  • India is part f FATF( Finacial action task forces)
  • National Intelligence Grid
  • NSG( National Security Guard) special force to tackle terrorism
  • Balakot Surgical strike

The major and recent cross border terrorism attacks:

  • 26/11-2008 Mumbai terrorism attack
  • Uri incident
  • Pulwama attack
For a detailed explanation, watch the below video:

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