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India's role in world affairs UPSC | Political Aspects | Geography of India

 India is the major power with the capability and responsibility to play a major role on the world stage as:

  • Balancing power between major global power
  • Security provider to smaller countries.
  • There is no doubt, India is a regional power in South Asia. We care about neighboring countries by non-interference and no-force usage policy.
  • We made a huge effort in Sri Lanka for peace and stability.
  • Intervention in Maldives and Seychelles in the 1980s to restore the legitimate government.
  • India is the major contributor of peacekeeping forces in the UN.
  • A supporter of free and open ocean to all
  • Against the neo-colonization
  • Advocated for the definite definition of terrorism and global force to combat the terrorism
  • India is balancing power between many organizations.
  • India is a member of BRICS, G20, SCO, QUAD group.
For a detailed explanation, watch the below video:

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