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Geopolitics of South Asia and the Indian Ocean realm UPSC | Part 1| Political Aspects | Geography of India

 Geopolitics is the study of the effect of geography( physical and cultural) on politics both on national and international levels. 

  • It involves the study of the political implication of every geographical event on international policy.
  • We try to understand before and after events related to geography.
  • It is adynamic in nature.

Geopolitics analysis gives insight into foreign policy, formation, and prediction of international behaviors.

Heartland and Rimland's theory was an earlier theory based on geopolitics.

The following territory disputes change geopolitics strategies:

  • Kalapani dispute
  • China's aggression along with LAC on Pangoso lake and Galwaal valley
  • Kashmir issue
  • Cross border terrirorism
  • China BRI project includes the maritime silk road( port development in the Indian ocean) and CPEC that passes through PoK.
  • Fisheries issues between India and Sri Lanka
  • River dispute between India and Bangladesh

The new emergence of geopolitics issues;

New emergence ;

  • China BRI and CPEC
  • USA army pulls out from Afghanistan.
  • China's interest in port development
  • UK India defense pack
  • China Nepal nexus
  • Iran crisis

South Asian countries are suspicious of each other, the following are some regional blocks.

  • SAARC( South Asian Association for regional cooperation)
  • BIMSTEK-Bay of Bengal initiative for multi-sectoral technical and economic partnership
  • BBIN-Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, and Nepal.
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