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UPPSC PCS Prelims Test-2021| Test-5

 1. Godhan Nyaya Yojana  is related to which state

a) Uttar Pradesh

b) Madhya Pradesh

c) Chhatisgarh

d) Haryana

2.  "Unfinished"  A memoir book is written by 

a) Priyanka Chopra

b) Neha Kakkar

c) Deepika Padukone

d) Kareena Kapoor

3. World Pulses day is observed on

a) February, 10

b) February, 11

c) February, 12

d) February, 13

4. Which of the following grassland is an example of temperate grassland:

a) Compos

b) Llanos

c) Selvas

d) Veld

5.Which of the following statement is not true regarding the Chamba Tunnel

a) It is the largest tunnel of Uttarakhand having 440 meters in length

 b) It is developed by BRO-Border Road Organization

c) Australian technology has been used for the construction

d) It is located in NH44

6. Biotechnology Park is located at ( UP PCS-2014)

a) Lucknow

b) Varanasi

c) Agra

d) None of the above

7. Which is the biodiversity-rich place in India ( UP PCS-2014)

a) the Western Ghats

b) the Western Ghats

c) Thar desert

d) the Bay of Bengal

8. In UP, the contribution of agriculture in state GDP in the year 2018-19 is approximately is:

a) 24 %

b) 26%

c) 50 %

d) 75%

9.  Green Index has been developed by

a) United Nation Environment Program( UNEP)

b) International Monetary Fund(IMF)

c) World Bank

d) None of the above

10. As per World Air quality ranking (IQAir) 2020 which UP's city is the most polluted city in the world;

a) Ghaziabad

b) Moradabad

c) Baghpat

d) Lucknow

For an answer and detailed explanation, watch the below video:

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