What is meant by the process of differentiation?

The separation of lighter materials and denser materials is called the process of differentiation. Different layers of the earth such as crust, mantle, and core are formed by the process of differentiation.

In Earth's layer formation, the process of differentiation happened in two stages:

  • In the primordial stage, a gradual increase in the density inside the earth leads to a rise in temperature. As a result, materials inside the earth started getting separated based on the density; heavy materials such as Iron sink towards the core and lighter materials such as Silicon and Aluminium moves towards the surface. This led to the development of the outer surface is called the crust.
  • In the second stage, during the formation of the moon and due to giant impact, the earth was further heated up and the process of differentiation happened again which leads to the creation of three-layer that is crust, mantle, and core.
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