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Sources of Indian Constitution UPSC[Prelims]


  • Federalism with a strong center. 
  • Residuary power to the center. 
  • Advisory jurisdiction of the Supreme Court. 

  • Fundamental rights. 
  • The president is the supreme commander of the armed forces. 
  • Impeachment of President, SC, and HC judges. 
  • Vice president post. 
  • Preamble
  • Independent of the judiciary. 
  • Judicial review. 

The UK. 
  • Parliamentary system. 
  • Rule of laws and legislation process. 
  • Single citizenship. 
  • CAG. Comptroller and Auditor General power. 
  • Writ petition
  • Bicameral parliament

  • Emergency power. 
  • Suspension of Fundamental Rights during an emergency.

Irish Constitution:
  • Election of President. 
  • DPSP. 
  • Nomination of members of the Rajya Sabha

  • Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity.

  • Freedom of trade or commerce.

  • Fundamental duties.

  • The procedure established by Law

South Africa:
  • Procedure to amending the constitution.

Government of India Act 1935:
  • Federal Structure
  • Public Service Commissions
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