Brief the Consequences of the 1857 revolt ।UPSC General Studies-I


Give a brief account of the results of the Revolt of 1857.


Following are the results of the Revolt of 1857.

  • The Revolt of 1857 had many consequences and it changed the governance system of the country in the following way:
  • On November 1, 1858, Lord Canning announced at the Allahabad Durbar that the British Crown would take direct responsibility for the administration of India.
  • The policy of merger and expansion of states was abolished.
  • The Indian states from now on had to recognize the supremacy of the British crown.
  • The adopted son of a princely state can inherit the property.
  • The revolt of 1857 created a sense of nationalism among the people and laid the foundation of nationalism.
  • The Board of Control and the Board of Directors were abolished and a new office of "Secretary of State for India" was created.
  • The British blamed the Muslims for the rebellion and started patronizing the Hindus.
  • They reorganized the army by incorporating more Sikh, Gorkha, and British origins people.
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