How can one identify an urban agglomeration?


How can one identify an urban agglomeration? 

(NCERT class 12 geography, India People and Economy, Chapter 4: Human Settlement.)


Urban agglomerations are basically urban settlements (city, town, metropolis, mega-town) that are a combination of any one of the following three things. And urban agglomeration is identified by these combinations.

  • A town and the surrounding urban extension. The urban expansion includes the area where some important infrastructure such as airports, medical colleges, institutions, colonies, military areas, etc later on built nearby of the main town. An urban agglomeration is formed from a city and its surrounding urban expansion, many metropolitan cities of India like Varanasi, Ranchi, etc. are examples of this.
  • Two or more continuous towns and an area with or without its urban extension. For example, Durg-Bhilai is an urban complex formed by the convergence of two cities (Durg and Bhilai).
  • A city and one or more adjoining towns, and their urban expansion, also form an urban agglomeration. Most of the megacities of India like Mumba, Delhi, Kolkata, etc. fall under this category.

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